Greater Dayton Walk To Emmaus


What does it take to go on an Emmaus Walk?

You need to be sponsored by someone who has been on a Walk in the past.  This sponsor will have all the information you need to register and attend a Walk to Emmaus.

You'll need to complete a Registration form - your sponsor will get one for you.  Or you can get it from this web site.

There is a $20.00 nonrefundable deposit due with your application and another $65.00 payable the Thursday night you start your Walk.   

A few pointers for while you're on the Walk...

You'll want to bring basic bedding, comfortable clothing, toiletries and nothing more.  Everything else you need will be provided.

Leave your watch and any valuables home

No cell phones, beepers, etc.  Tell your friends you will be unavailable for the weekend.  There is a phone number (a beeper) that can be used in case of emergencies - (937) 850-1106.  We want you to relax and forget about the outside world for a few days. 

If you need to take scheduled medications let us know and we'll be sure to let you know when those times come around

Don't talk about your church affiliation or work while you are on the Walk. 

Make sure to tell your sponsor about any special diet needs or food allergies

Relax and have a great experience!

For Community Members:

Pilgrim's individualized agape is limited to cards and letters

A notebook with Agape ideas will be in the Agape Room on Walks and in the Narthex at Gatherings

If you bring meal agape, bring enough for all the pilgrims and team

Bedtime agape can be for pilgrims only, team only, or for everyone

If you bring agape for everyone, 60 is a good number to bring

If you bring agape for Pilgrims only, 30 items are needed

Please put your name and phone number on your Agape package so that unused agape can be returned to you for future walks

See Agape Chair (AJ Puderbaugh) to retrieve excess agape at Gatherings (Narthex) or at Walks (Agape Room)

The Community needs to arrive at 8:30 on Saturday for Candlelight

When Candlelight is over, please exit the building quickly and quietly

Closing starts at 4:30 on Sunday - when you leave make all the noise you want!